Whatever Wednesday: Abandoned Oklahoma

I mentioned last week that I have been very homesick for Oklahoma. I never thought in a million years that I would say that, but here I am. That being the case, I have been looking at a lot of Oklahoma-related stuff on the internet and came across this site called Abandoned Oklahoma, which features photographs from all sorts of places that have been, well, abandoned. It’s a neat project. But even neater is that they have my old high school featured.

Shortly after I left (which I’m certain was the cause), they closed down the place and rebuilt somewhere nicer. I can’t blame them. It wasn’t in great shape. Still, it’s weird to see my hanging-out places so quiet.

Take a look around, and see what I mean.

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One thought on “Whatever Wednesday: Abandoned Oklahoma

  1. Great post! Glad that we were able to spark some memories and hold them online forever! Thanks for the kudos!

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