Food Friday (Tuesday Edition): Raspberry Ladybug Cake

I know, I promised you pictures of my daughter’s birthday cake nearly a month ago, but I have some good excuses. For instance, all the good pictures were on Katie’s camera. And then, last week I forgot entirely that I have a blog. But now I have my head back on straight and Katie gave me the good photos, so there will be no further delay. In fact, I am writing this post a day early so that I will not space on it tomorrow. Because I care about you, friend.

Pretty, pretty cakes

I found a recipe for raspberry cake with cream cheese icing in one of my mom’s old cookbooks. It was basically just a box of white cake mix, some frozen raspberries and half a pack of raspberry Jell-O. I hadn’t tried it before making it for this party, so I was a bit nervous about it all while it was baking. Fortunately, it looked and smelled great coming out of the oven, and the cakes turned out of the pan more easily than any other cake I have ever made. No exaggeration. They were lovely.

My little darling had said for months that she wanted ladybug cake for her birthday this year. And since I am a good mommy, I spent some time planning. I thought I would bake a cake in one of those big, glass mix-and-measure type bowls and then it would be rounded and the cake itself would be a ladybug. Cute, right? But then I remembered that one of my favorite things in life is writing in icing, and an actual ladybug wouldn’t have a great place to write “Happy Birthday, Abigail!” without looking weird. So I went with plan B, a ladybug inspired cake.

All that food coloring...

The icing was more or less standard cream cheese icing with the other half of the Jell-O mixed in. Oh, and an entire little bottle of red gel food coloring. And a smidge of black, of course.

I have to tell you, it was delicious. This is a cake I will make again. But it got me thinking, I bet I could make ANY flavor of cake as long as there’s a frozen fruit and matching Jell-O. If you think I’m correct, leave me your suggestions in the comments. I’ve seen similar strawberry cakes, so I’m hoping for something different. Maybe peach?

Ta da!

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