Oops again

I feel like I should explain myself.

For those of you who got an update from this blog (and it happened once before) about my weight and how it’s coming off, please disregard the whole thing. See, I have a weight loss blog (journal?) that is supposed to be for my eyes only, but somehow I keep accidentally posting to this one instead of that one. I’ll go ahead and blame it on the WordPress interface for not making it glaringly obvious which blog I am using at the time. And I’ll blame it on myself for not just keeping it as a document on my computer.

Anyhow, it’s a bit embarrassing because I have some sort of personal stuff (my exact weight, for instance) in there. So, please just disregard it all and forgive me for the confusion.

But, since it’s already out there (for the subscribers, anyway) I’ll go ahead and brag about having lost 25 pounds. Woo hoo!


One thought on “Oops again

  1. morgan says:

    pas de problème, we’re cool.

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