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Whatever Wednesday: Ghetto Hikes

If you don’t know us, you might not have any idea that Katie and I grew up in the hood. Oh, but we did. We went to a very “So-and-so got shot trying to steal a car radio so the student counsel is collecting money to help with his medical expenses*” kind of school.

Because of that, I can’t help but think fondly of my formative years when I read these quotes by urban youths on nature hikes. Even if you can’t sympathize, I think you’ll find them pretty entertaining. ┬áBut watch out, the text is huge and there are lots of swears. I wouldn’t read it around your coworkers, unless you work at some really hip upstart where people swear a lot.

*Yeah, that actually happened.

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Whatever Wednesday: The Smiling Victorian

I don’t even know what to say about this that isn’t presented right in the title. Here is a Flickr group that just has lots of pictures of Victorians smiling. SophistiKatie showed it to me, of course. That girl loves some Victorians.

This is probably my last post before I leave for my vacation in Hawaii, so you won’t hear from me again until the first of the year. I hope to see you here when I return!


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Whatever Wednesday: Flula!

So what if it’s Thursday? That’s where the “whatever” part of Whatever Wednesday comes into play. I haven’t been to bed yet, so it’s Wednesday to me.

Let’s move past that.

The German Youtubers are really bringing their A games, you guys. First they gave us Money Boy and now this guy. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Flula Borg!

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Whatever Wednesday: Trick or Treat

Here is the house at which I will not be trick or treating:

I don’t care if it’s prisoners, students, flash mobs or houses, “Thriller” still scares the shit out of me.

Whatever Wednesday: When They Were Young

It’s late, but it still counts!
Just some handsome guyThis week I came across a Tumblr site that just has loads of pictures of famous people when they were young. It’s simple and I love it. I went through the entire archives trying to figure out who was who and had a great time. Some were easier than others.

My personal favorite is this guy. Aside from his obvious good looks (that smile!), he just seems so happy and friendly and all those other things that appeal to me. I look at this picture and really want that guy to succeed, because you know he’s a good guy. Am I alone in this? Surely not.

Well, he did succeed. Who is he? Answer after the jump.
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Whatever Wednesday: Abandoned Oklahoma

I mentioned last week that I have been very homesick for Oklahoma. I never thought in a million years that I would say that, but here I am. That being the case, I have been looking at a lot of Oklahoma-related stuff on the internet and came across this site called Abandoned Oklahoma, which features photographs from all sorts of places that have been, well, abandoned. It’s a neat project. But even neater is that they have my old high school featured.

Shortly after I left (which I’m certain was the cause), they closed down the place and rebuilt somewhere nicer. I can’t blame them. It wasn’t in great shape. Still, it’s weird to see my hanging-out places so quiet.

Take a look around, and see what I mean.

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