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Link Roundup!

Sorry for the absence. I’ve been busy or lazy or whatever. Honestly, you can blame it on this cake I tried to make and couldn’t quite pin down. I had a post all written for it, but then when I tried it, it was dried out and kind of awful. So I made it again and it was too damp. Having tried twice, I figured the only reasonable path would be to kind of just give up at everything.

Here areĀ a few sites I’ve discovered since my last post (you know, to make up for all that).

Old people writing on a restaurant’s Facebook page
This one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a bunch of old people posting things on the Facebook pages of restaurants. If you don’t already think it’s funny, don’t bother clicking the link.

Busty Girl comics
Some of you, surely, are girls. And of those, some of you, surely, have big boobs. These comics probably depict your life. They certainly do mine.

Letters of Note
This blog is just a bunch of correspondence between famous people or about famous events, mostly. For instance, it recently featured a letter from a young Mick Jagger to his aunt, talking about having reunited with his childhood friend, Keith Richards, and how they have started a band. It is totally my favorite blog these days. Be sure and check out it’s sister blog, Lists of Note.

The same guy that does Letters and Lists of Note runs this page, but it’s a bit different, so I’ll give it a separate mention. This one has letterhead from famous people. It’s a great place to find inspiration for designs.

The Twitter feed of Tween Hobo
She’s a tween! She’s a hobo! She’s on Twitter!

Ta da! Now you won’t have to do your real work for a few more hours. You’re welcome. :)

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