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Snack of a Lifetime: Store Brand Extra Cherry Mixed Fruit in Natural Cherry Flavored Light Syrup

I’m not going to lie to you. Tonight I ate a frozen Stauffer’s lasagna and fed my daughter Chef Boyardee Mini Ravioli. Those are our favorite foods. I had intended to crack a tin of store brand extra cherry mixed fruit in light syrup to class things up. This is the sort of thing I do when my husband is out for the night and I have had the stomach flu for a week. Don’t judge.

Of course, all of these cans and frozen goods came straight from the store and needed to be brought to serving temperatures. So I popped the lasagna in the oven, fed my lovely her ravioli at room temperature (because that’s the way she likes it) and tossed the fruit cocktail in the freezer because nothing says tacky like warm tinned fruit.

Fast forward a few hours. My sweetheart went to bed and I got a craving for a late night snack. Not being able to find anything, I settled on a glass of water hoping maybe I was just thirsty. I opened the freezer for some ice only to discover that I had forgotten my fruit! It was frozen solid, but still sounded delicious, so I popped the lid anyway. 

I mentioned briefly that I have had the stomach flu for the past few days. I have lost about seven pounds from the combination of not eating and being actively, you know, sick. Today was the first day I felt like really eating anything. So I’ll admit that my judgement might be clouded by my body’s desire to replenish itself any way possible. But I swear to you, friends, frozen fruit cocktail straight from the can is a thing of beauty. Don’t let it pass you by.

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