And we’re back!

I don’t know how it happened that I didn’t blog for two months. In my defense, neither has my dream girl and blogging inspiration, Mindy Kaling. So, I guess that makes it sort of okay.

But there’s a lot coming up! I made apple salsa, went to a Vietnamese New Year party where a friend made the egg rolls my aunt used to make, and have a new recent favorite movie and lots opinions about things. It will be super awesome, I promise. Also, I’m pretty sure Katie knows of a few more hot guys in period clothing.  That’s how she rolls.

You just have to wait until tomorrow. I spent the whole weekend buying new dishes and underwear, so I’m spent for right now.


Whatever Wednesday: The Smiling Victorian

I don’t even know what to say about this that isn’t presented right in the title. Here is a Flickr group that just has lots of pictures of Victorians smiling. SophistiKatie showed it to me, of course. That girl loves some Victorians.

This is probably my last post before I leave for my vacation in Hawaii, so you won’t hear from me again until the first of the year. I hope to see you here when I return!


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey everyone! Long time, no blog, huh? Sorry about that. A lot has been going on at my house as well as SophistiKatie’s. We’ll be back on the wagon soon. In the mean time, here’s some stuff about Thanksgiving from my other blog, which hasn’t been updated since I started this one. I wrote this bit a year ago.

This is my first Thanksgiving without my mom, which is the stupidest thing I can think of right now.  Why on Earth would Thanksgiving happen without her?  Growing up, the holiday was really no big deal.  We visited my grandparents and cooked up a storm and it was lovely, but it didn’t take on any significance for me until much later.

My grandparents died right around the beginning of high school, so they no longer hosted the gathering.  It was just me, my mom and my sister at that point.  We had a discussion about it one day and decided that, rather than spend the morning cooking an elaborate meal and the afternoon cleaning up after ourselves, we should do something simple and enjoy our day off.  So we grabbed some hot dogs and headed to the park.  I brought my little tent, a gift I wanted so badly and never actually used for camping (though it was nearly constantly pitched in our otherwise-unused second living room) and we all sat in it and ate hot dogs and potato salad off of paper plates and chatted.  It was delightful.  As the afternoon wore on, I thought of the one improvement that could have been made.  I called up my best friend, Katie, and she was done with her meal, so her dad drove her over to meet us.  We ran around the Shakespeare in the Park set, which was abandoned at this time of year.  We repeated that tradition for years.  Park, tent, hot dogs, Katie.

When my sister and I had both married and had other obligations for the holiday, the tradition changed.  My mom started having Thanksgiving with my cousin here in Colorado.  Kristen is friends with a great group of people, many of whom don’t always feel like traveling or have anywhere in particular to go for the holiday.  Together, all these strays and stragglers make a crowd large enough to warrant the cooking.  The first Thanksgiving for Strays I recall involved my cousin ordering a whole billion pints and quarts of side dishes from Whole Foods and warming them over for whoever came.  My mom, always the hostess, saw to it that a proper feast was presented the next year.  The year after that, and every year after, it was held at her house.  It became Dee’s holiday.  People would come over and eat and cook and chat for hours after the meal was complete.

Last year was her last Thanksgiving, and we spent it in her tiny little apartment in Oklahoma.  She was staying there while receiving chemotherapy.  She was sick and fragile, but happy as always to entertain a crowd.  This year, the torch has been passed and I will host the Thanksgiving for Strays.  I’ll try my hand at her dishes, bake my first turkey and be thankful that, even though they never really got to know one another, my daughter will grow up experiencing this piece of my mom.


Whatever Wednesday: Flula!

So what if it’s Thursday? That’s where the “whatever” part of Whatever Wednesday comes into play. I haven’t been to bed yet, so it’s Wednesday to me.

Let’s move past that.

The German Youtubers are really bringing their A games, you guys. First they gave us Money Boy and now this guy. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Flula Borg!

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Things I want to buy that I will love: Mindy Kaling’s new book

I probably smell like too much cologne!

So, I am in love with Mindy Kaling. I want to be just like her when I’m not busy wanting to be just like Tina Fey. She is pretty and feminine and smart and hilarious and she has nice clothes and an excellent blog (from which I adapted the title of this post). She also looks like she smells great, kind of like a Bizarro Little Richard.

Her new book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and Other Concerns, came out yesterday and I am super excited about it. The title alone had me sold. Though I have not yet gotten my copy, I’ve read a few snippets and can already assure you that the rest of the book will be excellent.

If you are not already familiar with her, here are some videos with which to familiarize yourself. Both are really just audio. The first is a bit of her stand-up and the second is an excerpt from the book.

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Nightmare on Whatever Street in Idaho

So, this is the scariest thing I can imagine. I have actual nightmares like this. These poor people lived right through it and Animal Planet helped them tell their tale.

Don’t watch this in the dark. Or in a field.

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Whatever Wednesday: Trick or Treat

Here is the house at which I will not be trick or treating:

I don’t care if it’s prisoners, students, flash mobs or houses, “Thriller” still scares the shit out of me.

Molly at the Movies: 50/50

I love going to the movies. My favorite time to go is for a Tuesday matinee. I like to sit halfway up and in the middle seat with my butter-soaked popcorn and gargantuan soda and nobody else (or only a few other quiet people) in the theater. It’s my alone time.

I don’t even care what I see, as long as it is in no way whatsoever scary. Of course, it’s much more fun to see something good, which is why I have become a big fan of seeing things twice in the theater. If I saw it and liked it once, then the second time I’ll know I’m going to see something enjoyable. It makes perfect sense, yet this practice of mine is one of a bajillion things my husband does not understand about me. I kind of like that he doesn’t get it, too. I have to keep my feminine mystique somehow, right? I mean, he saw me give birth so it’s not like I can achieve it with a special dress or something.

The most recent one I saw twice was 50/50, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen. I went into it not knowing much of anything about the plot, which was both good and bad. Bad because I was completely unprepared for such a snot festival. Good because I wouldn’t have gone to see it if I had known what it was about. I lost my mom just under two years ago to leukemia, so cancer-themed movies are not really my scene any more.

Thank goodness for my ignorance, because 50/50 is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I’ll admit, I will probably like anything Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in without regard for its quality, but that can easily be balanced by how much I generally dislike post-Freaks-and-Geeks Seth Rogen. So it’s like it started out neutral, yeah?

Oh, Mr. Gordon-Levitt, run away with you? This is all so.... so sudden.

Without getting into the details of the plot, all I can really tell you is that this film handles the subject matter with refreshing and heartbreaking realism. It’s not one of those “cancer is a bummer but you can beat it with a smile” shows. Nor was it riddled with gratuitous sadness. It never felt heavy-handed, like  the point of a scene was to make me cry. But on that note, my main regret was not coming armed with Kleenex the first time.

All this talk of cancer and tissues might be a bit misleading, though. Let me set you straight: in between ugly, heaving sobs, I laughed right out loud, even though I was one of maybe three people in the theater when I saw it first. It was pretty hilarious. Seth Rogen actually did a great job providing the comic relief. This might be, in part, because the character he was playing was, more or less, himself. I know, I know, “Doesn’t Seth Rogen always just play himself?” Good point. But the character in this movie was actually based on Mr. Rogen. The movie is based on it’s writer’s own struggle with cancer. Seth Rogen was one of his good friends.

Both times I saw it, it was marvelous. It is a bit early to make the call, but it might be my favorite movie. If you’re free next Tuesday, maybe we should go see it again.

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Whatever Wednesday: When They Were Young

It’s late, but it still counts!
Just some handsome guyThis week I came across a Tumblr site that just has loads of pictures of famous people when they were young. It’s simple and I love it. I went through the entire archives trying to figure out who was who and had a great time. Some were easier than others.

My personal favorite is this guy. Aside from his obvious good looks (that smile!), he just seems so happy and friendly and all those other things that appeal to me. I look at this picture and really want that guy to succeed, because you know he’s a good guy. Am I alone in this? Surely not.

Well, he did succeed. Who is he? Answer after the jump.
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