Food Friday: La Sabrozita


I had intended to tell you all about the enormous vat of soup I made this week, but then I had lunch with SophistiKatie and she showed me something that changed my life forever, I assume. I mean, it’s still a little early to tell, since it’s only been about 3 hours since we ate, but can’t imagine I will ever be the same.

We just had bean burritos. No big deal, right? Just tortillas, refried black beans and shredded cheddar. How can this be so exciting? I’ll tell you how. We added sauce.

I’ve heard people say things like, “This is a big pile of awesome drizzled with awesomesauce!” I still don’t know what is in the pile, but you can bet this is the drizzle. It’s called La Sabrozita Limon Salsa. It’s a tomatoey, vinegary, limey sauce that you can use to spice up things like tacos, enchiladas, chicken breasts, or even your empty Big Gulp cup. It’s really mild, so you can pour it on everything if you’re a wimp (like I am) but still love big flavors (like I do). You don’t even have to go to a special store to get some. Katie found hers at Walmart. I will probably find some there tonight.

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3 thoughts on “Food Friday: La Sabrozita

  1. sophistikatie says:

    I am eating food featuring La Sabrozita right now!

  2. terr says:

    OM Gosh…nice to find another inthusiast…but let me one better you….they produce verde, the limon, that you had, and a real nice cilantro…with lots of flavor…….but my friend, get ahold of some habanero….and life as you now know …will be visionary…terr

    • Doc Mollyday says:

      Nice to meet you, too. :) I have tried the verde, but it was way too hot for my taste. I love the big flavor, but am kind of a wimp about hotness. I saw the cilantro kind in the store the other day and am very curious. Is it spicy like the verde or mild like the limon?

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