Arty Party: Kristin Marine

It seems as though we have all been busy little foxes this week. SophistiKatie has been moving her belongings into a new home. I have been keeping up with my daughter while my husband is in Canada for a boys’ weekend with some of his oldest friends. Jamie has been so busy that you readers haven’t even gotten to meet her yet. But trust me, you’ll like her.

I have a few artists in mind that I would like to share with you in future Arty Parties but, honestly, after my Little Everything went to bed tonight, I just don’t have the energy to research anyone and synthesize it all into blog format. Instead, I’ll tell you about someone I know. What could be easier than saying good things about a friend, after all?

Her name is Kristin Marine and, I’ll tell you, she’s amazing. But don’t let the fact that I think she’s hilarious and pretty take away from my praise of her work. If I didn’t know her at all, I’d still want to line my walls with her art.

Her latest work has really got me excited. It’s fresh and dynamic and alive. The imagery, like her chosen palette, is bold and interesting. She maintains a playfulness and imaginative quality in her work without resorting to drips and splatters. Everything is carefully balanced and meticulously crafted, which shows off her interest and aptitude in graphic design.

If her work itself weren’t enough, she is an exceptional teacher. In fact, we met because I took one of her design courses at the local community college. Before I got to learn everything I wanted to from her, she moved to Utah. Supid, stupid Utah.* Occasionally, a few of us from that class will get together and bemoan her leaving. I’m not even joking. She was that good. It’s so rare that you find a teacher that will actually tell you if you’re making junk but somehow leave you feeling not hurt, but rather empowered to make something better. I can’t tell you how many times I brought her my work and she would say, “I hate this!” and I would leave her desk with a huge smile, ready to make something she could not hate.

She also does custom pet portraits, but not ugly ones like you probably think when you think of pet portraits. These are not paintings for ladies who wear vests with cats embroidered on them. In fact, owning one might make you look hip.

I could go on, but perhaps you should just go look for yourself. Be sure and click around so you see all of her stuff. And maybe, if you like it, you should buy a piece for me. You know, like a finder’s fee.

*I don’t actually know anything about Utah. It might not be stupid.

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